Dawn Sullivan, Owner,
on3 Promotional
Partners, LLC

I was hesitant on signing up with Lori and the team at ByteWize because we are in a different state and time zone.  Since ByteWize doesn’t have long-term contracts I gave them a try and it was the best decision I made back in 2016.

It's very important to be able to get in touch with your IT person when you are in need and Lori always gets back to us in a timely manner and resolves the situation that same day.  It’s the first time I felt that our IT company truly cares about us and helps us figure out the best and most feasible way to solve our technical challenges.

If you are hesitant like I was, I highly recommend you give them a try.  They are on top of all security issues and will suggest new options to best fit your company’s needs.

Dawn Sullivan


Gail Pape, Commercial Mortgage Brokers

We’ve been a client since 2004 and ByteWize has provided consistent and thorough customer service.  They take the time to make sure our computers are as secure and working as efficiently as possible.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and on the cutting edge on keeping computers secure.  When problems arise, they are there to solve them quickly.

Gail Pape


Jennie Kramer, Founder and Executive Director,
Metro Behavioral Health Associates

The benefits of outsourcing our technology to ByteWize are numerous.  Since 2011 they have provided up-to-date expertise, reliability, accessibility, protection that gives our business confidence and just great overall customer service.  Lori and her team tailored our technology solutions according to our size and specialty.

If you are on the fence about selecting ByteWize, just do it!  Their expertise and attentiveness are solid and consistent.

Jennie Kramer


Kathe Barnes, Executive Director, Scottsdale Ranch Community Association

Prior to signing up with ByteWize, we had major issues that just never seemed to go away. Every time we called for help it could take 24 to 48 hours before we would get a response. To make matters worse we would often get a different tech each time we called so we had to "re-educate" them with our environment and our problems. This led to unproductive use our staff's time and because we were being billed "by the hour", they were nickel and diming us to death.

ByteWize is small enough to provide that personal touch that we desire. We usually work with one person (Lori, the owner) but have worked with other techs on her staff and all seem to be knowledgeable of our environment prior to working with us.

They don't speak Geek speak and everyone seems very skilled and talented in all areas of technology. Their quick response to issues is incredible and our problems are usually solved the same business day.

Kathe Barnes


Lucinda Lintz, Owner, Abundance In Business, LLC

Availability, quick response and expert knowledge is what you get when working with ByteWize.  I’ve worked with a variety of techs in the past and I truly appreciate the thoroughness by Lori and her team when they work on my computers.  They do not delete things that they may not be familiar with which has caused me grief in the past.

I highly recommend ByteWize because they speak English as opposed to Tech Talk and they take the time to explain if necessary.  They provide affordable solutions and make valuable recommendations that have never disappointed me.

Lucinda Lintz


Sharon Moore, Owner & Founder, Moore’s Pool Service

Our business was growing to the point I felt it was important to have a more secure environment for our data and also have a "go to" person in case there were any issues.  And of course, in this electronic world of ours, it can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  Lori and her crew are always readily available with positive and quick turnaround and calls backs.  The biggest benefit is the follow through, knowledge, and the fact they truly caring about us a small business.  I would highly recommend ByteWize.  There has never once been a time in all of the years we have been doing business with Lori, that we have been left in the lurch to fend for ourselves.  You are the best!  Thank you!

Sharon Moore


Marsha Vallee and Alison Chandler, Owners, Noble Beast

Peace of mind! We no longer dread updating software or equipment, and if something goes wrong, we know where to turn for help.  We are a retail business that relies heavily on our point of sale register and other systems to always be working properly.  This is critical for the success of our business. We rest easy knowing our data is properly backed up and is being monitored daily.

Prior to working with ByteWize, we would either try and figure things out ourselves or engage a friend with more IT knowledge. As a small business, having an ongoing relationship with an affordable IT firm has been a game changer!  Availability and good communication are crucial to our day-to-day operations.   ByteWize stands apart from other IT firms when it comes to explaining things and handling any crisis that comes up with calm assurance.

If you are looking for an IT firm that goes beyond geek speak and are seeking wonderful service, communication and reliability, then do yourself and your business a favor and hire ByteWize.

Marsha Vallee and Alison Chandler


Delores Nance, Nance Financial Group, LLC

The single biggest benefit is peace of mind knowing there is someone who makes our business needs their priority. Time is money as the old saying goes and Lori (ByteWize) gets this. She always responds quickly and as a result we have minimum downtime when there is a problem. Problems are few since ByteWize performs regular preventative maintenance on our systems to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency and are safe from hackers.

We have used other IT firms in the past. The difference with ByteWize is their proactive business model.  They do everything they can to prevent problems from happening and ensure our systems are running smoothly and are secure. Other IT firms wait for problems to occur and then respond.  ByteWize strives to prevent problems rather than waiting for them to occur. This saves us both time and money in the long run.

We handle sensitive financial data and security is paramount.  I don’t worry about our systems being compromised because Lori keeps up with the latest on what the bad guys are doing, and their security operations center makes sure our systems are protected 24x7.

Delores Nance


I’m a small shop and I don’t have time to also become an IT expert. Lori and the team at ByteWize are on top of the latest IT trends and security protocols so I don’t have to worry about downtime or stepping out of my wheelhouse. I can just focus on my business. I appreciate their personal touch and taking the time to stay with issues until they’re fixed. I also get weekly security bulletins and can easily manage emails that caught up in spam filters via a dashboard. ByteWize offers a flexible menu of services and cloud offerings for a monthly fee so it’s great to have predictability in my budget…no crazy spikes in pricing. And they do what they say they’re gonna do!

Janet Schwappach, Owner - Writrix

Janet Schwappach